Time To Ditch Gmail?

Is It Time To Ditch Gmail?

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Big Dan

EQ Forum Moderator
I came across a series over articles over on ZDNet the other day and thought they would be good for discussion here:

Time to abandon Gmail? | ZDNet
Time to bail from Gmail? Don't be silly | ZDNet
Gmail is boiling the frog

The basic premise is it's time to ditch Gmail because we're just feeding the borg (Google) even more data about ourselves. The author even including the age old argument about scanning our emails for ads. The second fact was that Gmail deviates from protocol standards that it makes integration with 3rd Party clients glitchy.

What do you think?

Big Dan

EQ Forum Moderator
For my .02:

The convenience of Gmail outweighs the privacy concerns for me. I'm not worried about a bot reading my email to targets ads me. I generally ignore them anyhow.

Most people realize that 'free' services are never truly free. Look at the data mining Facebook does. Google is doing basically the same thing only the have access to the more sensitive information. Gmail sees more concrete information business transactions, receipts etc. Facebook sees more of the personal stuff.

Speaking of Facebook. I once read a study that Facebook can tell who you have a crush on and who your dating or would like to date and even when a breakup is imminent based on how often you view someone's profile or if in a relationship how often you view profiles of the opposite sex.​

Earlier this year Google rolled out Google Now on Android. I didn't think it effected me much until I opened search on my phone and it told me my package from Amazon will be here the next day. It was a little creepy but cool.

Google also does the same thing with Maps. If I Google an address when I pick up my phone later it tells me how long until I arrive at that destination I can tap for driving directions. It's not perfect it doesn't know when I'm just looking at an address to get an idea of the area or if I actually plan on traveling there.

It's a little creepy but this is a synergy of sorts. My phone knows what information I want before I specifically ask for it. That's not something you'll hear me complaining about.

So far I trust Google. It hasn't done anything inherently evil to me. I damn sure trust Google over Facebook; Who insisted on querying my GPS every time I opened the mobile app despite having location services off. :eek:


EQ Forum Admin
Staff member
Gmail works for me.

Changes happen, that's true for most email services, and eventually I get used to them.

I have never experienced the level of problems with Gmail that the Yahoo members are complaining about right now.

I actually moved from my own domain based email TO Gmail (backwards from my usual recommendation) several years ago.

I have never had a reason to change.

The email and calendar work for me.

No problems checking email from the webmail or my phone.

I never got much into Google+

Everyone tracks everything, let not be mad at Google because they are better at it :)


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What is stopping you from getting started?

Do you need help getting your email migrated from Yahoo to Gmail?

Are you putting off the frustration of changing email services?