Thunderbird problems


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I've got 2 problems with Thunderbird which I would really appreciate some help on.

1 Following my computer's hard drive failing and a new one installed, a number of emails I'm receiving are blank, except for the name and address - I guess this is called the header. The body of the email is totally blank.

2 I was having problems with an old computer and uninstalled Thunderbird. I installed a new copy but it keeps telling me that Thunderbird is already running and to either close it or reboot my computer. The task manager does not show Thunderbird as running and I have cleared it from the registry. I have also gone through and checked for any stray Thunderbird files, but there are none.

I tried installing Post Box but it would not complete the installation, due, I think, to this Thunderbird problem.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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