Thunderbird 16.02 various questions


New Email
I have a TBird setup with IMAP email to 3 accounts: 2 Win 7; 1 Win XP (slow).
1. I have a free version of SPAMFighter. Are there any ways of knowing it's operation after a "block"? Also not sure of the settings.
2. Is there any way of making, the default view to be sorted unthreaded?


Customer Service
I just installed spamfighter a few days ago. I LOVE it!! I was being overrun by spam. Not anymore. Once something is marked as spam, it goes straight to the spam folder. Is that what you meant? Where does email end up after it's marked as spam?

To sort in order by date, click on the word "date" at the top of your emails. One click sorts them ascending another click sorts them descending.