Three old email account passwords needed

Hello! I've recently wanted to go into three old email accounts I had created long ago. I absolutely cannot guess or remember their passwords, as I had changed them frequently. I tried filling out numerous forms for a password reset but it seems I can't give enough information. This is very frustrating as there is old information I'm needing to get a hold of. I also believe one of them might have been hacked. Can anyone please help me with the password resets?

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What service hosted the accounts?

If you did not login for several months then free accounts may have been deactivated.

If you did not login for years they most likely have been deleted by now.

By the sounds of "long ago" I suspect any free accounts you want to access no longer exist.

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By service, I'm not quite sure what you mean. Two were, one was
I have logged into each one of them multiple times in the last year or so. It's been recent in terms of years. They had such a stupid complexity of numbers and exclamation points and I think I'm just missing just one character or putting something out of order when I'm trying to guess the password. What if I can give a whole bunch of password possibilities?
Thank you. I went through every solution offered, and even email That did not work. I was wondering if there was someone I could contact to regain these passwords. I think I do have enough information to prove they are mine. :( Thank you.


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The solutions listed in the above post are the only steps that we can suggest that we know of to regain your emails. Emailing support should work but it may take awhile.