the entry we did yesterday didn't work

belt leford

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Yesterday I asked your help desk for assistance, because of an error on my e-mail not letting the new e-mails come through. Also, my inbox and out box have disappeared. Cable One suggested to go to emailquestions and ask for help with installing one of the versions of the .net framework, but yesterday I neglected (my fault) to say what the computer posted, when I tried to complete Cable Ones' instructions. It posted "versions of the .Net Framework: V2.0.50727". The version that was installed (but didn't work) yesterday was version 4 ( I always write down whatever is showing and it turns out I needed that info). If you could help me to find version V2.0.50727 , I would appreciate it so much. I have come so close to fixing it, maybe the proper version will be what is needed. Thanks .


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A couple versions within the .NET 2.0 series are still available for download from FileHippo - Download .NET Framework Version 2.0 -

I did not check if there are security concerns related to installing old versions, but you may want to double check such things before installing old software on your computer.

Please let us know if this solution fixed your problem.