The dot between first and last name in email address?


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If my email address is firstname...@, but I still receive email addressed to me without a dot between the first name and last name, and I can log into my account without a dot between the first name and last name. When we register a name with a dot between the first and last name, is that the same as registering first name and last name without a dot? Can I just drop the dot and use my email without the dot? Do I own both email addresses?

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As far as gmail is concerned, yes you do own both addresses.

Either one should work just fine.

Other email services are different. Aol for instance is not like this. I have my first name dot lastname at Aol, but I can't drop the dot and still receive mail.

Someone else is using that name without the dot.

But you should be just fine in gmail if you want to drop the dot.

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