The date time of my email is off by one hour


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It's that time of year again for daylight savings time changes around the world.

If you notice that the date & time of an email are off by an hour you receive during the next few weeks there are a few things to check:

  • Verify that the clock on your computer is correct
  • Ask if the clock the senders computer is correct
  • Verify that the clocks on the mail servers used to send and deliver the email were correct
Here are the directions for getting the full email headers from an email.

You would think that mail servers would automatically keep the correct time, and most do, but there is an additional complication. A few years ago the date changed when we make daylight savings time changes. This change required that mail server operators patch their systems to make sure their clocks "fall back" and "spring ahead" on the correct days of the year. Mail servers that have not been patched in several years might still change their clocks on the wrong days, resulting in the possibility that email delivered through them shows up with a Date: time that is off by an hour.
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