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I have an interesting inquiry: I'm totally baffled about this recent event I experienced - I came across this website named "fakenamegenerator", which provides you an email address( Upon tweaking further, I found that you could type anything infront of "", and if you opened a new browser window, and typed the following - Fake Mail Generator= , with any word after the equal sign (as an example, the word "skip"), a new window would open, in the form of an email address with a header at the top containing the words "", or the email address "". I tried inputting all kinds of words, with the same result. I am totally confused about this process, and would like to find out how does this happen/work. If anyone can clear this process, please reply, in a simple way that is easy to understand, Thanks.
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The domain is apparently used by spammers / scammers.

Do not trust anyone who uses an email address

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