TB to get messages from mail.com and Frontier


New Email
I've been using Thunderbird for years and MailWasher Pro for even longer. My ISP is FrontierNet.net. My objection to FrontierNet.net is that they search every email coming in and going out for anything they can sell. Despite TB, Frontiernet is still able to sell my email address hundreds of times a day.

Instead of having my email on FrontierNet, I'm going to switch my email to mail.com. This means that MailWasher and Thunderbird will search 2 email accounts with Fronternet dropping out over time. I want MailWasher to look at both places and not have mail.com sending mail to MailWasher and/or Thunderbird. MailWasher and TB will download messages from mail.com and FrontierNet.net. From what I understand, this is the opposite of the way mail.com normally is used. Can this be done and how?

I'm using a Dell Inspiron N7010 laptop with 6GB memory (soon to be 8GB) and an obscene amount of HDD, Windows7, Zone Alarm, AVG, Firefox, Thunderbird Portable. I use a thumb drive for all my own data, Thunderbird, Firefox, banking, etc and a 2TB external disk for backup. For genealogy I use PAF5, Ancestral Quest, FamilySearch.org and FamilySearch.org/tree.

Thanks for your help.