TB attached Images


New Email
I have been using TB for over 15 years. Ive owned at least 5 computers in that time with o/s XP and now Win7. I may have actually used TB with win3.1 before I migrated to XP in year 2001.

With all the above computers and o/s when I paste images into a new email or reply email, when I forward an email with images, when i reply to an email with images; one of four things happens:

About 40% of the time upon sending or saving to drafts, it works fine.

About 60% of the time a window pops up indicating "Status: Attaching" and the progress bar keeps moving across again and again.

About 20% of the above 60% after a few seconds or minutes (sometimes 10s of minutes), it completes the save or send operation.

About 80% of the above 60% it will keep "Status: Attaching" until I cancel the operation.

Sometimes after a save operation succeeds, I might edit some text and save again or send. Even though the 1st save succeeded and I did nothing to the images, it sometimes gets stuck, as above during the 2nd save or during the send operation.

Since this has occurred on so many different computers with different versions of TB, with different installs of XP and now with different installs of win7, all that i can think is that this is a feature of TB or im doing something very wrong.