Task Tracking Solutions for Small Teams

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Hey Guys,

I've been working in three small teams lately for a client of mine. Each team only has 3-5 people it. We tried going the email route but even with Gmail's conversation feature and only 3 it's hard track and follow the conversation, what needs be done, and who's doing it, etc. Just in the last week I've been asked for the same password 3 times all by people included in the conversation. They could have searched by apparently it's easier to fire off an email and make me do the searching. :hammer:

My first thought of a ticketing system. There's plenty of free ones but tickets are basically a web interface for email. It's meant for one on one communication or to escalate problems to another tech, not for collaboration.

Since I'm a forum guy at heart, I threw up a vB install and locked it down. Each team member is notified of a new post when someone posts in their project's forum. It's working good so far however it's clearly not the best solution. It's a management headache as each member of the team gets their own usergroup then individual forum permissions are adjusted based on what they should be able to see. It seems like a lot of work for something that should be a whole lot simpler.

Something simple like sharing a password is just a pain in the ass. Even though the install is locked down and I'm confident my server's security; I'm still not going to post passwords in plain text. The process currently is:

  1. Grab password from clients Roboform - Roboform install is in a virtual machine on my desktop.
  2. Copy into text file.
  3. Put text file in TrueCrypt container.
  4. Attach TC volume to post
  5. Share TC password via other method (email, Skype).

Every time I do this, I just think WTF. There has to be a better overall solution.

I'd really like something I can just tag people in. Something that say I can say @popowich and he automatically has access to that discussion and gets an email about it. Same for passwords create an area that's encrypted. Post the passwords then say Theresa needs access to something I just put @Theresa and she has access.


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I'm a member of a group that uses Asana.

I'll let Eric know I mentioned it, maybe he has more useful feedback than just a link.