switching to gmail from yahoo


New Email
decided to finally make the switch to gmail from yahoo.

i tried to have only the new mail coming into yahoo be sent to gmail but that didnt happen. i chose the pop3 option in gmail. it just started downloading allll my mails. was there a way to just download the new mail that i didn't see?

what about the yahoo mail that is in folders will that get downlaoded as well, or only the stuff in the inbox? if the latter, how do i get the folder contents?

my yahoo inbox has 13K mails. Gmail's imported 8K and hasnt done anymore in hours. Not sure if its been over 24 hrs yet, but its been a while. I'm assuming its stopped the importing. In which case not only did it not get the folders but not all the inbox either. Can you advise?

also, is there a way in gmail to order the mail by sender, or size, or old to new? im not seeing any of those options, which were very simple in yahoo - just click on the top row.