Stuck in older version of Y! Mail


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I have been experimenting with my Yahoo! mail the other day and trying to get it to revert to Mail Classic.

Well, I think it may have worked - somewhat. At least in so far as I changed something or other. But I am not sure which version of Mail I am in, and now I can't seem to get it to switch back to the current version - despite repeatedly clicking the link "Switch to the newest Yahoo! Mail".

I can no longer drag and drop items into my folders and I have a drop down list at the top right of the page that lets me select account options that I can choose to modify i.e. Profile, Account Info, Options, Mail Plus, etc. Also my calendar tab is gone.

However, my mail seems to be rendering in IE 7.

My primary browser and the one that I am experiencing the problems in is Firefox.

Any ideas for how to fix this and back to the normal, current yahoo mail release? Thanks!


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Hello Dan,

Have you tried clearing cache and cookies in Firefox where you're experiencing the problem? It sounds like you've effectively confused Y! Mail as to which version you want to use, and sometimes it helps to clear out old cruft and start afresh.