strange things happened to my messages


New Email
I sent a message from hot mail ( has changed to and suddenly and without a reason the message after about one minute moved to delete messages. But it was not only that..Many inbox, sented, and draft messages simultaneously moved to delete messages. I tried to move them back to their primary position and they just lost!!! I then click the deleted folder and click recover deleted messages but I didn't see them.
After that, the content of my messages from all my folders (inbox, draft, sent) dissapeared and an old message appears everywhere. A message I sent to someone a long time ago.
I became so frustrated and I started to delete it many times. Unfortunately I was deleting my messages...I then tried again to recover the deleted messages but nothing happened.

Is there another way to recover my lost messages?
What can I do with my messages that appear with the same content
(from an old message)

It is not the first time that I lose messages from