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I have been getting a lot of spam lately from the same company, Joe Barton Publishing, around 10 mails a day. I have unsubscribed several times, but the spam keeps coming. I have put each spam that I get from them on my Block list in my spam filter, but the mail keeps coming.

The problem is that the domain of the sender keeps changing. It's some long domain name, usually with a .info extension, and my spam filter blocks it, but then the same message arrives with a different domain name, and my spam filter won't block it. I checked the mail headers, and the IP address of the sender is also always different.

I don't want to set my spam filter to the highest level, which blocks everyone not in my address book.

I've contacted Joe Barton publishing, and they are clueless. It seems they have handed their email campaign over to some third party which is sending their messages out without their knowledge.

I'm wondering a couple of things. First of all, how are they sending these messages out without listing the actual domain name or IP address? Also, what's the best way to stop this?



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I'm on webmail. I could put my spam blocker on the highest rating possible, but then it will block everything that's not in my address book, which I don't want.

I can't block anything based on the text of the email, because there's no text, it's just an image.

For the last month or so now I've been putting each mail in spam folder, and the domain goes on the spam list, but the mail keeps coming


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The EarthLink webmail will let you block by From: and mark as spam.

If blocking the From: domain doesn't work becuase it's changing then marking as spam will help to train the spam filtering system.

It will take a little longer, and may not be perfect, but hopefully continuing to mark as spam will help over time.

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