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Hi guys!

I have a question for you that I hope you can help or give me some tips on how to stop some spam mails.

I get scam/spam mails from the same sender every day, up to 2-5 copies of the same mail each time i open outlook, this is very annoying.

I use Gmail as a backup mail which has all of my emails stored with a 2-step authenticator active.
But for registration on websites for games or things like that I use Hotmail, just so I dont get overunned by emails on my primary email domain.

One of the scam mails i get 2-5 Times a day is from Blizzard Entertainment which you have probably heard about.
On ive blocked the entire domain including the hole email like but still when I have this blocked, mail from still comes in to my inbox. How can I stop these from comming in?

I think the problem is that since the sender is using pishing mail they can overrun the block since its not really that is sending the emails, but still how can I get around this?

Thanks for any tips you can give me!

Kind regards
A norwegian email-fanatic

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Hi flornes (A norwegian email-fanatic) :)

Are you sure that you created the blacklist properly? Do you have, or not have, a * in front of the @blizzard as needed?

Is your outlook pulling email from the Hotmail or the Gmail account?