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Hi Molly,

What mail program or email service do you use?

If you go to a web page to read your email check that the link starts with https:// all the time not only when you are logging in.

If you are using a mail program on your computer you will want to check your settings and find out if your email server supports SSL enabled ports.

POP3: standard = 110, SSL = 995

IMAP: standard = 143. SSL = 993

SMTP: It varies, but usually 25 is not encrypted and 587 or 465 does support SSL.

If you let us know which email service you use we can help you find the correct settings.

Also, turning on SSL is only one part of making your overall email experience more secure.

The above helps protect your login information and email going between your computer and your mail server.

Here is some related additional information:

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