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I posted something on Craigslist. I am now being spammed by a Hotmail account. My posting in CL has been removed. I contacted CL and they referred me to Hotmail customer service. I am not sure how to get there. I just opened this account so I could email someone but CS seems not to be easily found. These messages being sent are not appropriate to me. I want this stopped. Please email me at (EMAIL ADDRESS REMOVED) with information on what to do next.

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Customer Service
First of all NEVER post your email address in a public place as you did in the above post. (I removed it for you) There are spam bots that scour the internet picking up email addresses for spam purposes.

Unfortunately, once your email has been spammed, it is very difficult to do much about it. There really isn't much that hotmail customer service will/can do if anything. Spammers often sell your email address to other spammers and it has a snowball effect. Your best bet is to open a new email account that has strong spam filters to begin with. (gmail is very good and I use thunderbird with a spam fighter add on which is nearly perfect)