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I registered a new email from a week I think !! So I came to sign up FB with this email which is new and I got shocked that someone else registered in this email. I got scared and did whatever it takes to claim my email fromFB !!! I requested a pass change to inform the person of the FB but got scared too !! I changed it and it turned out to be a girl clamining my Email!! I logged off quickly and she had registered my email and another email!! That person is a spammer or bot ?! I don't want to register in FB anymore cuz it turned out to be a scarey place , I sent the email already in use option , is it enough for them to solve this annoying problem ?


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Hi Rose,

Are you sure you typed your new email address correctly into Facebook?

Is it possible that you are reusing an old and deleted email address that used to belong to someone else?

A great way to avoid this problem, and to make sure you have good general email support in the future, is to register your own domain name and create your own email accounts.

Facebook isn't any scarier than the rest of the internet.

Don't give away too much private information publicly and other common sense rules apply.

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