SMTP service provision enquiry

My client has a customer in Libya. His ISP frequently - but not consistently - blocks his outgoing emails to this client, referring these emails to Spamhaus. Incoming emails from the Libyan customer are received without problems. Neither his ISP nor Spamhaus have offered a resolution to this issue. None of my client's other customers are affected by this problem. We're talking about a small number of emails to a fairly important customer.

I therefore wish to enable him to use a 3rd party SMTP server for all outgoing emails. All the providers I have contacted so far are geared up for large-scale subscriber and/or email marketing campaigns. and require monthly or volume-related fees. My client sends out between 100 and 150 emails a day across 3 employee accounts - which is very small in SMTP providers' terms - and the emails causing this problem are a fraction of those.

I am therefore looking for a provider which will:

- allow use of their SMTP server at low - or preferably no - cost
- allow up to 3 employees to use their own email account (all accounts are on the client's domain)
- all outgoing emails will appear to be from the employee's address

Can anyone suggest a suitable provider?

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Gmail can do it. Settings -> Send mail as. If you prefer tech support over the free Gmail solution, try LuxSci. They're geared for secure email in recent years, but a great match if you're looking for an email provider with great tech support.