single email account, multiple users, manager must approve outgoing mail


New Email

I am looking for a plugin/product for MS Exchange and/or MS Small business server which will provide the following:

- single incoming email address which manager is observing and then delegating incoming emails (from company customers) to personell for them to reply,
- personell is then writing replies to these incoming mails and sending them to manager for him to check before sending to customer,
- only manager is able to send outgoing mail, after he checks the replies and corrects them if necessary (written by his personell)
- manager is able to see all of the statistics per incoming mail/person replying it (to see unreplied mails and replied mails etc).

The idea is one public email address for whole small business and the manager delegating all incoming emails to his employees,
employees writing replies to incoming mails but not being able to send them directly to customer prior the manager reviews/corrects the replies.

Are you familiar with any product that would make this scenario possible?

Kind regards