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I normally get to my hotmail by clicking the drop down list in IE8's address bar. That used to take me straight to my inbox, but for quite some time it takes me to a sign in page. When I hover the mouse over my name it tells me I'm already signed in, but I have to click the "continue" button to get on to my inbox. I've found that I can enter my address and password in that sign in page and that page will be skipped as long as my computer goes into hibernation. If it does a complete shutdown, something seems to be lost and I have the same problem again. I do NOT have the auto-clear browsing history option turned on. This is not a really big deal, I just don't see the point in being taken to another page and being asked to sign in if I'm already signed in.

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Here is some information about fixing problems related to IE8 not actually saving saved passwords :

IE8 does not remember email passwords

I have also read a few reports of software such as CCleaner causing problems but have not been able to reproduce uninstalling CCleaner as a solution on my computer. If you have Secunia PSI installed does removing it fix the problem on your computer?
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