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mel gillott

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When I type my e-mails, I can only type five lines down before the top line starts to disappear, and the more lines I type the more the upper lines hide themselves,
its a nuisance because I have to scroll up to see what I have typed, how can I extend my typing and viewing area.:thanks::thanks:


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That depends on what service you're using and whether you're using an offline client like Outlook or Thunderbird (which I doubt, because offline clients display a large compose area usually) or a webmail interface.


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Thanks for your response, the service I am using is Hotmail, does this help at all.

Hmm… Sorry, Mel. I have no idea on that one. My hotmail account’s compose screen is fine and I don’t see any draggable area at the bottom corner. Maybe Ray and others would have some ideas.


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Hi Mel,

Does your Hotmail / Outlook look like this?

outlook screen shot.JPG

If not, can you post a screen shot?

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