sendmail 8.14 FEATURE dnsbl seems broken


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I am running three debian email servers and recently wanted to address spam coming in to them. One sever is sendmail version 8.14.4 the other two are 8.14.3. All three servers exhibit the same behavior.

I added milter-greylist to each of them, it works brilliantly, stopping better than 50% of incoming spam.

I then tried to install realtime dns blacklist checking using three popular free services with entries to my /etc/mail/ file.

Two of the services, and cause sendmail to reject every single incoming message as observed in my /var/log/mail.log file.

The third black list service, when enabled, doesn't seem to do anything at all.

I have tried all sorts of combinations, disabling greylisting, inserting the ipv6 workaround ( define(`DNSBL_MAP'...), using the enhanced blacklist feature "enhdnsbl" and activating only one blacklist at a time. Each time recompiling my file and restarting sendmail.

I cannot find any references to others that have had this behavior and I'm at a loss as how to troubleshoot it from here.

If anyone has any suggestions or comments, they are greatly appreciated.

My follows at the end of this posting.

Thanks in advance,


#   Copyright (c) 1998-2005 Richard Nelson.  All Rights Reserved.
#  This file is used to configure Sendmail for use with Debian systems.
VERSIONID(`$Id:, v 8.14.4-4 2013-02-11 11:12:33 cowboy Exp $')
dnl # Items controlled by /etc/mail/sendmail.conf - DO NOT TOUCH HERE
dnl # Items controlled by /etc/mail/sendmail.conf - DO NOT TOUCH HERE
dnl #
dnl # General defines
dnl #
dnl # SAFE_FILE_ENV: [undefined] If set, sendmail will do a chroot()
dnl #   into this directory before writing files.
dnl #   If *all* your user accounts are under /home then use that
dnl #   instead - it will prevent any writes outside of /home !
dnl #   define(`confSAFE_FILE_ENV',             `')dnl
dnl #
dnl # Daemon options - restrict to servicing LOCALHOST ONLY !!!
dnl # Remove `, Addr=' clauses to receive from any interface
dnl # If you want to support IPv6, switch the commented/uncommentd lines
dnl #
dnl DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Family=inet6, Name=MTA-v6, Port=smtp, Addr=::1')dnl
DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Family=inet,  Name=MTA-v4, Port=smtp')dnl
dnl DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Family=inet6, Name=MSP-v6, Port=submission, M=Ea, Addr=::1')dnl
DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Family=inet,  Name=MSP-v4, Port=submission, M=Ea')dnl
dnl #
dnl # Be somewhat anal in what we allow
dnl #
dnl # Define connection throttling and window length
define(`confCONNECTION_RATE_THROTTLE', `15')dnl
dnl #
dnl # Features
dnl #
dnl # use /etc/mail/local-host-names
dnl #
dnl # The access db is the basis for most of sendmail's checking
FEATURE(`access_db', , `skip')dnl
dnl #
dnl # The greet_pause feature stops some automail bots - but check the
dnl # provided access db for details on excluding localhosts...
FEATURE(`greet_pause', `1000')dnl 1 seconds
dnl #
dnl # Delay_checks allows sender<->recipient checking
FEATURE(`delay_checks', `friend', `n')dnl
dnl #
dnl #
dnl #
dnl # the following was added to make milter-greylist work, see its readme
dnl #
define(`confMILTER_MACROS_CONNECT', `j, {if_addr}')
define(`confMILTER_MACROS_HELO', `{verify}, {cert_subject}')
define(`confMILTER_MACROS_ENVFROM', `i, {auth_authen}')
define(`confMILTER_MACROS_ENVRCPT', `{greylist}')
dnl #
dnl # The following lines activate DNS based Black (HOLE) List testing on three different free services
dnl #
define(`DNSBL_MAP', `dns -R A')
dnl #
dnl #
FEATURE(`dnsbl', `', `"571 IP=" $&{client_addr} " -see'")dnl
FEATURE(`enhdnsbl', `',`"571 IP=" $&{client_addr} " -see"')dnl
FEATURE(`dnsbl', `',  `"571 IP=" $&{client_addr} " -see"')dnl
dnl # If we get too many bad recipients, slow things down...
dnl #
dnl # Stop connections that overflow our concurrent and time connection rates
FEATURE(`conncontrol', `nodelay', `terminate')dnl
FEATURE(`ratecontrol', `nodelay', `terminate')dnl
dnl #
dnl # If you're on a dialup link, you should enable this - so sendmail
dnl # will not bring up the link (it will queue mail for later)
dnl define(`confCON_EXPENSIVE',`True')dnl
dnl #
dnl # Dialup/LAN connection overrides
dnl #
dnl #
dnl # Masquerading options
dnl #
dnl # Default Mailer setup
dnl #  thatt's all folks


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Hi John,

For RBL's I prefer the Spamhaus Zen that you're already using, and the Invaluement DNSBL.

The Invaluement DNSBL is a lesser known provider that has done an excellent job blocking the /24 snowshoe types of spammers for my systems.

All other RBL's that I use are scored form within SpamAssassin and are not used to block incoming smtp connections directly.

You are correct, if you're not careful about how you use SORBS you'll end up blocking too much good email. Try including the recent SORBS entries in your SpamAssassin scoring, then at least your users will have the ability to override blocked email if needed:

# SORBS RBL - new (2 days) and recent (30 days) spam
header RCVD_IN_SORBS_NR_SPAM eval:check_rbl_sub('sorbs-lastexternal' ,'')
describe RCVD_IN_SORBS_NR_SPAM SORBS: sender is listed in new.spam or recent.spam

To answer your last question more directly, tinker with the ordering, in most mail servers once an RBL is found to have an IP listed the others will not be checked.