Sending mails Restricted due to 'To Many sends in the last few minutes"


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There seems to be a restriction on the # of emails one can send in a given period of time, but no one at Mail.Com Premium support can(or will) tell me what it is. This causes me to not be able to send any emails, usually for and hour or two, but today it locked me out since 11:am(it is now 6 AM and I still can not send any Emails)

Has any one else ran into or gotten around this problem?

All I am doing is sending a bulk email (usually 20 to 30 recipients on the CC list) to my clients when this gets triggered. When it does , the web interface tells me "To many messages sent in the last few minutes - try again later", while outlook returns and error code 450 4.3.2.

Any help is appreciated as Mail.Com support had been no help at all other than saying this has been escalated.


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Hi Rich,

Wow, yes, those are some rough restrictions.

You are not receiving any support for your premium account?

We are aware the free accounts appear to be ignored but I'd hope the premium accounts could get a response from support.

Some alternatives:

The free SMTP service from Gmail is great for sending small amounts of email. All you need to do is verify your From: address and then you can configure your mail program to send out through Gmail.

If you are consistently sending to a small mailing list try MailChimp. They are free for small senders and offer templates and other nifty features too.

If you need a raw bulk SMTP service that supports changing lists of recipients from a mail program on your computer you can give this service a try.

Please let us know if you ever get a response back from

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This seems to be a relatively recent problem(new in the last 4 to 6 months) I had previously been doing this with no problem, I have been a happy users for 5 plus years, but something has changed, and not for the better.