Sending emails for customers *is there even a solution*


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This might be wrong section, maybe this should be in email server I'm really not sure.

We have a database of contacts that we would like to hire to clients (this is not spam). However, we do not want to hand over the information on that database.

So my question is how can we send an email on behalf of clients? Is the only way to set-up a temporary email address for them? Or could we send emails from their email account somehow?

Any guidance would be great

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Hi TerryTen,

Set up a mailing list that you manage, but has the contact information of the company that should be contacted in the message body.

Do you have your own mail server for creating the mailing lists, the actual messages, managing bounces, and handing bounces and blacklistings?

If not you can try a service such as MailChimp that will let you send each month for free depending how big your lists are.

More mailing list options are listed on our Email Marketing Reviews page.

Please let us know if you need any more information.

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