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For the past week or so I have been having difficulty sending email, replies or forwards thru will just not send...but if I try to 'send' again, I get a message saying to wait that it is processing the mail...I do not care how long I wait, it never goes thru...this does not happen all the time, but seems to be becoming much more there anything I can do about this problem?


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Are you sending email from the Yahoo web page or using one of their smtp servers and a mail program on your computer?

Has anything changed on your computer recently? Did you update or change your anti-virus or firewall software? To rule them out as part of the problem turn them off for a couple minnute and try sending the email again. If it works you know which piece of software to get updated / replaced with something that does not conflict with Yahoo. If that is the problem I like Avast anti-virus and zone alarm PC firewall. Neither seems to cause a problem with the Yahoo webmail system.


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I am sending from yahoo web page, I guess...keep in mind I am not very computer oriented....I have not added any new programs or software....I have had the same anti-virus programs for some time without creating any difficulty in sending email....

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