Sending "as" email alias on Yahoo portal doesn't cover reply-to identity


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I have main Yahoo account (let's call in PRIMARY YAHOO) additional email addresses setup under the main Yahoo account (let's call the sub-accounts SECONDARY YAHOO 1,2,..) . The Secondary Yahoo emails are normal existing Yahoo accounts. So I just added them to the Main Yahoo account.

The issue:

Yahoo doesn't cloak originator Yahoo account email address if using secondary email addresses in reply-from to send emails. Seems to me like a privacy issue and a spam magnet.

When I sent email from within Yahoo web-portal email and I select as "From" address the Secondary Yahoo account, it sends it correctly and it is received on the other end by recipient as an email from "Secondary Yahoo". So that works fine. However.... when the recipient went to detailed header view for the email received, he was able to see the "Replay-to" email address being as Main Yahoo account. So essentially while I was able to send email from Secondary Yahoo email account and it appeared to come as such, simple look at the detailed header would reveal it came from Main Yahoo account. So Yahoo web-mail doesn't actually replace the reply-to mail with the Secondary Yahoo mail. It continues to use the Main Yahoo as REPLY-TO, no matter what email address I use as FROM.

Same issue happens when using the Yahoo Mail iOS application. It shows the Secondary Yahoo mails within the account, but an email sent by using the Secondary Email as "From" will still have Main Yahoo mail as "Reply-to" address in the detailed header of the email.

Compared to Sparrow app on iOS:

The issue doesn't seem to be a problem here. Despite that Sparrow treats the Secondary Yahoo email addresses simply as ALIASES, an email sent from Sparrow shows correct Reply-to address (="Secondary Yahoo address).
Sparrow app on iOS can also be configured to manage multiple Yahoo accounts. However, for testing here, I just added the "Main Yahoo" email account and added the other Secondary Yahoo mails as Aliases to the Main Yahoo account in Sparrow.
So Sparrow doesn't have an issue with it... and that's despite of the fact I have not changed the SMTP settings to Custom Server for each of the aliases for Secondary Yahoo mail addresses in Sparrow.

Sparrow is really well designed email client and it shows.... It's a pity it was taken over by Google and they haven't done anything with it.

I could also have setup multiple accounts in Sparrow same as I would set them up in the iOS Mail app. Of course in this case, there would be no issue with Reply-to because each email account would be treated separately.

The issue here is with Yahoo because despite of the fact it allows adding more email addresses, it doesn't allow to properly edit the "from server address" or "SMTP from address" for each of the added email accounts, so when email is sent using the Secondary Yahoo mail account, it still shows on the first line in the header detail the Reply-to email being the Primary Yahoo account. It's an oversight by Yahoo and doesn't help fight spam or privacy concerns - in contrary...


Final worlds.
In my description about Secondary Yahoo email addresses I am talking about additional email accounts. I am not talking about Yahoo ID Aliases.

Additional email address in Yahoo is not same as alias or extra email address in Yahoo email. Differences between aliases and extra email addresses....

Aliases and extra email addresses can each be used to help protect your privacy. Here are their functions and differences.

An alias is an extension of a Yahoo Account and is intended to mask the account's primary Yahoo ID. Generally, an account's primary Yahoo ID serves as the main prefix for the Yahoo Mail account with which it has been associated.

If a primary Yahoo ID is used to communicate via a product like Yahoo Messenger or Message Boards, it can expose the Yahoo Mail address associated with it.

Creating and using an alias on your Yahoo Account will help keep your Yahoo Mail address private and reduce the odds of being targeted by spammers. For this reason, previously existing and new email addresses (including email addresses with an or domain) can't be used as an alias for a Yahoo Account.

Learn how to create a Yahoo Mail alias.

Create a Yahoo ID alias
Keep your personal information private by using an alias for your Yahoo ID. By creating an alias, which masks your ID, you can communicate online without having to worry about exposing too much personal information.

Access your Yahoo Account Information on a desktop or laptop.
Under "Personal info," click Manage aliases.
Click Add an alias.
Enter your new alias.
Click Save.
Click Close to return to the Account Information page.
Now that you've created your alias, you can send emails, post to message boards and even send instant messages using this new name, all while keeping your actual Yahoo ID hidden. Aliases are easy to use, and you can sign in using them, just like you would with your Yahoo ID.

Extra Email Address
An extra email address is a second Yahoo Mail address that can be created within and used in conjunction with an existing Yahoo Account. If the Yahoo Account that contains the extra email addresses is ever deleted, any extra email addresses it contained will also be deleted.

Extra email addresses can be used to send email with the same Yahoo Mail account that you already use, but the email will appear to originate from a different email address.

Learn how to set up and use extra email addresses in Yahoo Mail.

Extra email addresses
Need a new email address, but don't want to create a new account? No problem. Just get an extra email address.

What's an extra email address?
It's another email address that you can add to your existing Yahoo Mail account.

You can send and receive emails with your extra email address.
It shares the same Inbox as the account you add it to.
It's not a separate Yahoo ID or Yahoo Mail account.
Getting started
Creating an extra email address
Choose a name that fits you!

Mouse over the Settings menu icon Small gear icon | select Settings.
Click Accounts.
Click Create an extra email address.
Enter the name you want to appear before"," then click Check Availability.
- You can also select a suggestion from the right column.
Once you've got your name, click Choose.
Complete the CAPTCHA code prompt.
Click Go to Inbox.
Important: It's only possible to have one extra email address at a time. To help prevent spamming, extra addresses can only be changed twice each year.

Problems creating an extra address?
Unable to create an extra email address? Here are some possible reasons why:

The requested address is taken.
Your account already has an extra email address.
- It's only possible to have one extra address at a time.
There's more than one period in your address (not including "")
- You need to have at least four characters after the period.
Example: "" isn't allowed, however, "" is.
Sending messages
Sending email from your extra email address
Compose a new email or open a draft message.
Select your extra email address in the "From" pull-down menu.
Address your email.
Compose your email.
Click Send.
Setting your default sending account
The default sending account defines which email address is pre-populated when you create a new message.

Mouse over the Settings menu icon Small gear icon | select Settings.
Click Accounts.
In the "Default sending account" drop-down menu, select your extra email address.
Click Save.
Removing and separating extra email addresses
Deleting an extra email address
Mouse over the Settings menu icon Small gear icon | select Settings..
Click Accounts.
Remove beside "Extra email address."
- A confirmation window appears.
Click Remove This Email Address.
Click Yes, Remove to confirm.
Click Done.
After you've removed the extra email address, it will still be part of your account as an alias. To completely delete the username, you'll need to delete the alias.

Important: To help prevent spamming, extra addresses can only be changed twice each year.

Separating an extra email address from the account
You can convert your extra email address into its own account.

Delete your extra email address (see the steps above).
Delete your alias.
Create a new Yahoo Mail account using that ID.
Important: Register the new Yahoo ID quickly before it's claimed.
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