Security question not working


New Email
So after a long fight with Mojang about account security and recovering an account with them, they told me the account with them is registered under an old E-mail account.

This is where the problem starts is the one I'm trying to access. I tried all the passwords I frequented back from roughly the same time as I made the account. (They weren't very imaginative, I was probably 10-13 at the time)
None worked. Okay, great. I go to recover password and select security question. "Name of first pet."
Simple enough, right?
Apparently not.
I put in the answer. It says the answer was wrong too many times (after one attempt, I might add).
I try the other three names of pet's I've had, and the same thing. I've tried the account recovery with the 'subject of last e-mail'
'Old passwords'
and such. It has never worked.
I really just want this issue with Mojang dealt with, and all I want to do is change over to a current account. What can I do?