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Hi guys,
since some days, I have this error (repeatedly) during my session with an account in (webmail, of course, not client program).
What is this exactly?
And, above all: with this error my mailbox is even more at risk, more than usual?? :eek::eek:

Note that this pop-up appears with an account on two different pc, instead with another different account, too on Outlook webmail, this alert never show, on any pc!!

Thank you soo much,


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Can you click on "view certificate" and include that screen shot too?

I'm linking the similar question here too - Be sure you're connecting to Hushmail

Do you have any security programs on your computer that could be messing with your HTTPS connections?

Have you run a Malware Scan? Do you use a trusted DNS provider such as OpenDNS?

Can you get a screen shot of the URL line in your web browser too?


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Hi Popowich,
screenshot of certificate's path in attachment.
Yes, I have 2 different "Internet Security Suite", for Malware and so on, different for the 2 computer that I use.
For DNS on 1 pc I'm use the company DNS, the other is provided by ADSL home connection.
This is the URL (basically is the Hotmail's homepage): wa=Sign in to your Microsoft account

But it is strange that on both pc with ONE account there is the security warning, for the other ONE no.
If a Virus or similar crap it took possession of my pc, for both webmail account I must see the error..... right?? o_O


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