Secure your Yahoo Mail - Turn on Second Sign-In Verification

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Yahoo Mail users can prevent their accounts from being compromised due to spyware or phishing scams by enabling the new second login verification.

To enable second login verification:
yahoo mail second sign-in verification.JPG
  • Check the box to enable second sign-in verification
further protect your account.JPG
  • Follow the on screen directions; I used my existing phone number
use current phone.JPG
  • A few second later your phone will receive a code. Type it in and click the verify button.
second sign-in verification code.JPG
  • If you type the code correct you will be greeted with a success message
Yahoo second sign-in success.JPG

This is a great time to review the rest of the information on the page and verify your phone numbers and security questions & answers.

If your account has already been compromised and you need to recover it please see this guide - Yahoo - How to recover a lost password / How to regain control of a hacked account | Email Questions

After turning on 2 step login verification you will need to create an application password for any mail programs that don't support multi-factor authentication:

How to create an application password in Yahoo Mail (yahoo keeps asking for my password) | Email Questions
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