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I have had several calls claiming to be from Microsoft regarding my hotmail account. When I ask where they got my number and where they are calling from the answers are ambiguous. (Usually Indian callers) Since I have been receiving these calls my Hotmail has been behaving very strangely, I have changed my password several times and my anti virus software says there are no threats?

I have to constantly keep resigning into my hotmail and other sites that need my id and password. The hotmail site is very slow and isn't reacting as it used to.

Has anyone else had these problems and if so what did you do? :confused:

Would appreciate any help :)

Many thanks
Patti :thanks:


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Hi Patti,

Did you give the callers your account information? This is the telephone version of a phishing scam. Immediately change your password again, and also verify your alternate email address and security questions & answers. Go to and downoad three scanners. I prefer Avast, Malwarebytes, and Spybot S&D.

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Beware! This is just another version of the computer scam. Scammers call about your computer, tell you it's got virus and they'd fix it. But what they'd really do is take over your PC, put virus on it and make you pay to remove it. They can even actually copy the information stored in there once they have access to your computer. don't fall for this scam.