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Hopefully, I'm able to explain this so someone may reply. About two months ago, I received an email from a co-worker, but don't think this was her intention, as the message would possibly cause problems with her superiors. I forwarded the message to my bosses, and now that email is missing from my inbox as well as one of my employers. So, I guess my question is: Is it possible to delete emails you've sent from a recipients box? My boss and I both use a Comcast mail account (so did the sender) if that info helps. Thanks in advance for any feedback!

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Some business oriented mail systems such as Microsoft Exchange allow a sender to recall an email message.

If you are friends with the admin of a business mail system such as the above it's possible for that admin to delete the email too.

Most residential email services do not allow you to recall an email. It's far less likely the ISP tech support got their fingers into the mail boxes.

It's not possible to recall an email once it's been sent over the internet to a new email system.

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