Sad news for Yahoo classic users


Customer Service
I have always been a HUGE fan of the classic version of yahoo email. I received an email yesterday from yahoo letting me know that my days of using the classic version of yahoo are numbered. Soon they will force the switch on everyone. I am NOT HAPPY!! I HATE the new version!!

Here is a copy of the email I received:

Dear Theresa,

Thank you for being a loyal Yahoo! Mail user! We are excited to bring you the new Yahoo! Mail.

Starting the first week of June, you will be prompted to switch to the new Yahoo! Mail. The switch will be seamless and instantaneous--everything in your existing Yahoo! Mail account (emails, contacts, folders and attachments) will move over.

Don't want to wait? You can have the new Yahoo! Mail today.

Switch now

What you can look forward to when you switch

  • Faster email
  • Cleaner, easier-to-use desgin
  • Also available on all major mobile devices: iOS, Android and Windows 8
Learn more about the new Yahoo! Mail

Your Alternatives

  • If you're not ready to switch now, that's fine, but we recommend that you do so soon.
  • You may access your current version of Yahoo! Mail for at least 30 days from the date of this email. After this time, your current version of Yahoo! Mail will no longer be available.
  • On the day of the switch you will be required to agree to the new Communication Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, or review Yahoo! Mail Help for other options.

Welcome to the new Yahoo! Mail.

David McDowell
Sr. Director of Product Management
Yahoo! Mail

Just like facebook, they mess with things that people like that are working just fine. It's so IRRITATING!!! :mad: I am a strong believer in the saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."!!!!


New Email
My email was I think, issued to me at work around 1995, with, and I still use it.
It has steadily improved when BT were involved, so that it is like using Microsoft Word.
Then Yahoo were involved, but it did not affect anything.
At some time the mail was upgraded from Basic to Classic.
I find it extremely easy and fast to use, with Netscape 9 (Mozilla), and I still use Windows98 1st edition. Or I use Windows XP with Firefox.
I saved the Classic mail to Bookmarks, before June 3rd and then clicked on `switch now'.
I found the new mail format very confusing on both computers, as it uses symbols and poor colours and does not have tick boxes.( My eyesight cofuses the symbols ).
I also found that lots of pages keep opening, even in spam when I am trying to delete them.
Without the tick boxes you cannot mass delete, and it is unclear where to put the mouse pointer.
I have wasted hours of precious time, getting nowhere.
Up till today the classic mail has opened from the saved Bookmark, but it has stopped today.
It appears that we have no say in this stealing of our email system, so my question is; `Is there a good email system that everything stored can be moved to, such as contacts and Bookmarks'?
Also is it possible to use the same email address?


New Email
In my 55 years in Data Processing, rarely have I seen a Company shoot themselves in the foot so bad as Yahoo did my "jerking away" a product its users seem to like, like Classic Yahoo Mail.