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I have a friend that has a Maine.rr.com account. He can email me at my gmail account but I cannot reply to him. He never receives my emails. He has checked his filters, spam box, everything that he can think of doing on his end.
I tried typing his address into the address bar, forwarding him emails along with everybody else, nothing works. Any thoughts on how gmail is preventing me from emailing just this one person?
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It's much more likely that Road Runner is blocking the email, not that Gmail isn't trying to send it.

Has your friend tried to call Road Runner to say that they have missing email?

Do you get any bounce messages back that might be delivering to your spam folder?

Can they receive email from other people?

Do they get email from you if you send it from a different email service?

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All good questions, thanks. I'll check with him and try a few things you suggested. I'll let you know what I find out, thanks.