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Hello people, my 1st time here. Can't see an attachment button. Was the main reason I joined this forum. Wanted to attach a downloaded photo of a man asleep under a tree obviously in Africa, with four (4) cheetahs sleeping under the tree, within arm's reach of him.

The photo is catalogued pic_dump_383_26. The man is half in a sleeping bag, wearing a mavy blue jumper, has a red scarf draped over his back, the 1st sleeping cheetah withing arm's reach of the man, the other 3, all huddled up close to each other.

Cannot remember what website I was on, but the other photo I downloaded off the same site a minute or two after the man sleeping beside 4 cheetahs, was of a baby sleeping atop of a 4WD, driving along the highway, has <site removed> in the bottom left hand corner, the site I logged onto again and searched and searched for the 4 cheetahs photo, in case there were more photos but to no avail. Found the baby atop the moving 4WD photo straight away.

Searched all other sites on the same home page as <site removed>, but unable to find anymore with cheetahs sleeping under a tree beside a man.

And yes I right clicked the photo to check it's properties to give me some clues, opened <Disc Cleanup> and clicked <View Files>, carefully read them all, but again to no avail, made a flashdrive backup copy of both photos for safe keeping, tried searching again the following day, entering all possible worded combinations of <man sleeping under tree beside cheetahs pictures> and got taken to lots of gallery sites of cheetahs, people sleeping sites, other animals sleeping, nothing with a man sleeping among them.

It's OK good people, just thought I'd register with this forum site to see if it was possible to ad an attachment, to better show readers what a fellow user is asking for help on.

May you all have a nice day.

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On your computer go to start, search and use pic_dump_383_26
If that doesn't work, I'm really not sure how to help you. This is a forum to primarily answer email questions.