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I was Cc'd in an email to a company and received a Return Read Receipt as if I had received notice for a Read Receipt I sent to the original sender, although the Return Receipt acknowledges the email was read by the intended recipient. How is this possible?

To make it clearer, I'll provide an example:

Person A send an email to Person B and Cc's Person C.
Person C receives an inbox return receipt notice that email sent to Person A was read on the computer by Person B. How can this happen? It seems to appear as if Person C sent the original email or is there some other possible reason?

Appreciate some help on this one!!!

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No, I wouldn't expect C to get one, just A from B if it works at all.

Many email systems don't support read receipt's. It seems like B's does but might have a bug.

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Thanks so much for your reply because I have tried ever type of way to think of how this Read Receipt was returned to me when I was a Cc'd recipient. It bothers me because I have some growing concerns about the send and the receiver. I cannot understand how I can be copied in and then receive the read receipt that acknowledges when the receiver saw the message on his screen as if sent from me and the Return Receipt comes in my inbox with me listed in the From and the To is listed with the Original sender. I'm puzzled. If I didn't send it and clicked a receipt button, it would show up in my sent folder not my Inbox...Correct??? Does this suggest my account might have been compromised? Just asking for your thoughts. I cannot figure this one out. Every time I think that I figure out how it could be possible, it fails in some way. The Sender gets the Read Receipts if returned...not a copied in recipient. Please advise again if you have any more thoughts. This is really important.

Thanks so much! Please advise so much!!! :confused: :siterock: