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I have gone to New e-mail, then option and I clicked on "request read receipt. But when some reads my e-mail at work, the outlook would notify me by shoewing a check mark and the name of the person who read it but I no longer get the check mark that the person whom i sent the e-mail that actually opened or read my e-mail. Can advice?



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Hi George,

Read receipts are unreliable. Not all mail servers deliver them, some don't accept them, and most users have the option to ignore them. It sounds like this used to work for you, but something about your new email program or service provider doesn't support read receipts. Did you change your mail program, the service you use for email, or both?

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Read receipts are interesting. I was always annoyed with how the recipient of my email had to click 'ok' before I knew what happened. I wanted something that could work in the background. As I couldn't find a suitable solution out there I decided to build it myself!

If you want go ahead and check out ContactMonkey ( Email tracking for Outlook & Gmail. We offer a free version too.

There are a few other solutions out there too. So don't just rely on my opinion!

Let me know what you think.