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Hello, I'm looking for a decent vpopmail web user registration script having these features:

  • users' ability to change their passwords
  • users' ability to recover lost passwords (based on a secret question)
  • support for captcha protection against automated signup
There are no special requirements for the signup form. Username@domain, password, secrent Q&A will perfectly do.
vqregister is too simple and isn't appropriate for even smallest ISP needs.
I'm sure someone has written one for themselves and would be willing to share.

Thanks.for any tips.

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I have not seen a script like this but found someone who may be able to create it for you.

You will be receiving a PM from them about the job.

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Hi, thanks, but there's really no need for that, I could write one myself, too. I just thought my needs were common enough for there to already be an implementation on top of vpopmail or Mail::Toaster. Strangely enough, this isn't so.