Registering domain names


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Hey guys,

I just thought I would ask for opinions on what types of domain names you would consider registering.

I have a few and all are dot coms.

Mine go something like this:

1. - where chicago is replaced with my actual city.

2. something something - where something something is replaced with two three letter words. Fairly professional looking, I think?

3. - where hootersville is replaced with my actual local residence within my city. Ie: or

4. My last name plural plus - Ie: Corny I know, but I couldn't register anything close to my real first and last name

So, other than name or locations, what do you guys think are good names to register? I realize that some names are dependent on what they will actually be used for.

If email is the primary use, what would you register?


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Do you run some public and/or private mail services?

I think the service offered and content matter more than the actual name.

for mail hosting replace content with features.

Trying to keep names short and unhyphenated is good. is better than

Depending what you're doing buying an that has some age behind it is better than registering a new name.

I won't register a domain anymore unless I plan to start working on it immediately.

Too many times over the years I've had a "great idea" and registered the domain for it but the project never got past registering the domain.