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Help!! 3 days ago an inept att support tech somehow terminated my email account. It was a subaccount under a primary account. I've used this email daily for more than 15 years!! I've spent more than 10 hours on the phone with email support in the last 3 days. Still not resolved. Today I noticed that the subaccount (my email) was added back to the main account (by att or yahoo not me). However it's not working. Emails sent to the account bounce back and if I log in to any online site that uses it I get a msg that it isn't a valid email. It's as if the info was populated into the data fields but the backend program still shows as terminated and needs to be activated. My life is linked to this email and I desperately need help. No amount of supervisors or techs have been able to resolve it.

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These are the valid options for recovering a Yahoo account