Recovery "Empty Trash"?

Jerome Walsh

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My emails from last 2 days somehow arrived in my trash file (57) and I read one and when I went to delete just one I mistakenly pressed "Empty Trash now" which deleted all 57 unread emails. Is it possible to recover the unread emails I emptied from trash bin, from somewhere in my gmail account or laptop.

Big Dan

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Hi Jerome,

Welcome to EQ! Depending on how Gmail is setup in your mail client, You might be able to get the emails on Gmail's web interface. Just login to and search for in:trash is:unread


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Just as a general observation, this is a good reason why it's very helpful to have a secondary/back-up email account somewhere, whether with the same provider or a different one. Auto-forwarding one's mail to the second account will ensure that accidents like Jerome is describing don't have a sad ending. Having 2 back-up accounts of my own has saved my posterior on more than one occasion where I clicked something I wished I hadn't! :eek:

Big Dan

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Thanks for your advice, however I tried both options in gmail search and nothing comes up for lost emails.

I'm sorry to hear that. Usually if you have Gmail setup as an IMAP account, which is the default for most clients my search trick doesn't work. This is because with IMAP your client basically mirrors what's on the server. When you send the empty trash command it also empties the trash server side too.

If Gmail was setup as a POP account it would have worked depending on your options set in Gmail.