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I inadvertently merged Outlook with Icloud which caused two things to happen: 1. Icloud took over my contact list and merged it with my Iphone contacts and 2) all 6500+ outlook contacts ended up on my phone.:(
I worked with Apple support to take my outlook contacts (6500+ of them) off my Iphone and in the process we uninstalled ICloud and then re-installed it, which then caused me to lose all of my groups in my contacts (I have lots of them) and again, my contact list has been taken over by Icloud. I was able to get those 6500+ contacts off my Iphone, but I now I need to recover an outlook pst file from my Carbonite back-up that is close to the time before Icloud took over my contacts (the change was made @ 2 or 3 pm ET on 1-24-14) and again, re-establish it as my default contact list. Hope this is clear as mud!:confused:
Thanks so much for your expertise!:thanks:
I am available at 2 pm.


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Hi Anyaa,

Yes, the description of the problem is clear.

We can help you restore the needed PST files from your backups and configure Outlook to use/include the contacts from those files.

You will be contacted shortly about setting up the remote access to your computer.

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Wow, I am amazed at your expertise with this issue....I would have never been able to go into the bowels of Outlook to find the fix for this. I am grateful to have gotten an address book back, and I love the way that you merged all the address books together that were corrupted and created a new even looks different, clean, professional and not a hodgepodge of many years of contacts like it was before. Thank you so much for your help. Now I will be asking for some help re-setting up my Icloud account and folders.


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Thanks again, that really was a quick fix, I feel like I am finally up and running again after weeks of Outlook issues. I will definitely use your services again. You are fast to respond to the request and get things happening and really know your stuff....and I really like this format it is very easy to use.