recover deleted e-mails which are still preserved in an off-line e-mail application


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Hello everyone!

I have two computers on which I installed Windows Live Mail. On one pc, I always the program in on-line mode; a couple of days ago, I deleted three e-mails and they are also deleted in the 'Deleted Messages' folder. Now I regret the fact that I have deleted them because I need to contact the sender again. My second computer hasn't been on-line for some time now, so the e-mails are still preserved in my Windows Live Mail on my second pc. the moment I'll work on-line, the e-mails will be deleted on that pc as well. So my question is, is there a way to transfer the e-mails on my other computer without losing them when I switch to the on-line mode in Windows Live Mail?



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Hi Vincent,

If you unplug your computer from the internet before turning on Windows Live Mail will that allow you to see what you need w/o it syncing up and losing the contact information you need?

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