Recover a forgotten email address?


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Hi, so, around 2 years ago I created an email address specially for an online game I wanted to play, and well, I quit.

Recently I've wanted to play again but I forgot my login info and I forgot the email since I've never used the email for anything except to create that account for the most part.

I've looked throughout hotmail for customer support options, and well, no luck. I found this forum, and I was wondering, is there anyway for me to recover a forgotten email address?

I heard that it might be possible if I was able to supply the information I used to sign up for that account. (age, name, security questions, passwords, etc.)

So, is there anyway for me to recover a forgotten email?

Thanks in advance!


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No, most likely providing that information to anyone will only reduce your general security and could lead to the compromise of existing accounts.

If you do not know the email address used for the game I'd think the best thing to do is create a new account with a new email address for the game.

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