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HELP! (please)
I have three different email accounts. One is a gmail account and the other 2 are accounts set up on Bluehost, both with different domain names.

A while ago, there were certain people who I did not receive(and THEY) didn't receive, emails from on an intermittent basis. Sometimes I'd get them, sometimes not. Sometimes they'd get them, sometimes not. This would be to ALL my accounts. They would not be in anyones junk folder AND there would be no bounce back.
Sounds like a problem from THEIR end right? Well, it turns out that I am the ONLY person who was not receiving emails from these people (or getting mine)

After contacting Bluehost I did discover that my settings were wrong (but I still received about 98% of my emails!?). I also changed some settings in gamil (don't remember what settings) and all were happy again.

Now all of a sudden the same thing is happening. Actually, they're getting my emails but I'm not receiving theirs. They're even sending them to me while I'm on the phone but I don't receive them. Only from some people (unfortunately, I don't know how many as I'm sure some just give up).

Again, I'm sure I receive 95%+ but I'm obviously that's not good enough. This is happening again to all 3 accounts. NO ONE I've talked to (including "email experts" has a clue what's happening.

Anyone? Bueller? :confused:


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This sounds like it could be caused with the email host server side reputation and spam filtering. It's not uncommon for there for be spam filtering going on that you do not have control over. Is it all email or is it limited to replies? Are you sure that the From: and Reply-To: fields in your email settings are correct and do not have any typos? What happens if they send an email to you and copy in a second (test) email address that also belongs to you?

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Thanks for the help. In answer to your questions, when these issues arise, it's me not getting their replies, most of the time. This morning I sent an email to someone while I was on the phone with them and they never got it. When I don't receive emails from them, it can be a direct email or a reply. Doesn't seem to make a difference.
The addresses are correct. They're auto populated by my address book.
Last night I was on the phone with one of the people whose email I'm having trouble with. She sent an email to me to 3 different addresses and I didn't receive any. I even tried shutting down my email programs for a few days and went with webmail only to see if that was the issue but same thing happened.

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Try changing your password and repeat the tests.

Maybe you (or someone else) has a second email program collecting the emails?
I receive my emails on my mac through "mail". Also on my iPhone.
While I rarely use it, I also have gmail on the web. If I get it on one, I get it on all and vice versa.