Reason #175,057 Why I love Gmail

Big Dan

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It's security features.

This morning I received an alert in Gmail that unusual activity was detected and it gave me a list of all my other sessions along with the associated IP addresses.


The alert was no cause for alarm. It so happens that the Florida IP is my cell phone. For some reason my APN's IP is based out of Florida. It's always been this way. Gmail all of a sudden finding it unusual as I often check my email via 3G is a little odd but :innocent:

Here's what's really cool about it: Is if you disable the activity alerts (see screenshot) Gmail won't turn them off for a week. That means a hacker cannot login and disable the alerts thus making you oblivious to the hacker being there.

It little things like this that count. Kudos to Google for realizing e-mail is the key to many identity points on the internet and taking it's security seriously.
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