Quitting gmail: any secure alternatives?


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Hello, I am thinking about quitting gmail and moving to something more secure. I do not mean pgp - that's too complicated for me and my friends - but something with an easy encryption for emails, but also for my data saved on the servers. What's your take on tutanota.de or posteo.de?



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Are you looking for secure email servers that are not in the United States? Why are you not satisfied with gmail?


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Yes, that seems to be better. A friend told me that with normal emails anybody could read along. I don't really understand how, but whatever... I've now tried https://tutanota.de It's really clean and easy. They encrypt all data on the servers. It's just I don't really know much about encryption and thought maybe someone could help me out here?


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A new service is Protonmail.ch. An introductory You Tube video is [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGQCMIhFmR8"]here[/ame]. It's based in Switzerland and is free (storage: 100mb), though I imagine there will be premium levels in the future with more storage. Being new it's still in beta, so the web interface isn't loaded with features yet (e.g. you cannot yet create personal folders -- or at least I can't). But it does work for basic email sending/receiving at this point.

Also, keep an eye out for Lavaboom which hasn't even gone live in beta yet, as far as I know.


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Thanks, these seem reasonable, too, and I'll keep them in mind! But I stick with Tutanota. Its got 1GB for free and attachments are also encrypted. By now I really like it. :)