Qmail vpopmail emails not delived to inbox

Im new to this forum. I have a problem in my linux mail server qmail. Emails are being delivered to a folder .Spam under Maildir (/home/vpopmail/domains/domain_Name/User_Name/Maildir/.Spam/cur) folder in place of Inbox. I have tried delete, Unsubscribe the .Spam folder. Still it recreates again. And emails from random addresses are forwarded to that folder.
I googled but failed to get any link regarding my issue.
Any suggestions or expert opinion will be a great help.



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Check your run scripts and any domain and user based filtering that might be enabled.

The run scripts are typically found in the dirs linked to from /service. Are you running any helpers such as simscan?

Domain based settings are typically found in the .qmail-default file in the path to the domain name.

User based filtering are in the .qmail files within the domain folder in style .qmail-username. Do you see any references to .mailfilter scripts or other extra processing?

Check the headers of some of those emails. Do you see any mention of spam scores? Are you running SpamAssassin? If yes, why are they scoring bad? What score is required to be considered spam?

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