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Hi All

Really new to all this qmail stuff and stuck on something im hoping you guys can help me with.

this is what i have been told i need todo.

cd /var/qmail/popusers/domain.co.uk
create .qmail-info with - addy@domain.co.uk
in it

but what i need to konw is how do i create the .qmail-info as when i try to type "create .qmail-info" it doesnt work and im a real noob on all this.

Thanks in advance



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Hi Drak,

The text editor I prefer to use is called vi

You can use this command to "create" a file:

vi .qmail-info

press "i" to go into insert mode

When you are done typing in the address type this to save:

esc key, then :wq!

The man pages are your friend. Start typing a variety of "man {command}" to learn a lot of new commands and their features.

For this particular task, here is an alternate command that will accomplish the same thing faster than using vi:

echo "addy@domain.co.uk" > .qmail-info

Technically, you should put a & in front of addresses listed in your .qmail files.


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Sorry for the delay in a thank you ive been away on business.

I did manage to make the changes as shown above but i am still having issues.

My steps

created a .qmail-drak in /var/qmail/popusers/domain.co.uk

the .qmail-drak had &drak@blahblah.co.uk and nothing else.

i then saved the qmail hoping when i send an email to drak@domain.co.uk it would then forward a copy to drak@blahblah.co.uk but no forward email seems to get to my account.

is there a step i missed or a service i had to restart.

Many Thanks



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Double check the permissions on the .qmail file you created to make sure qmail can read it.

Can you provide an ls -la and cat of /var/qmail/popusers/domain.co.uk/.qmail-drak

What do the mail logs say?

No services require a restart when editing .qmail files.